Dam Removal Europe

Many dams in European Rivers are old, abandoned and out of use. Together we can locate and remove them. Let’s open the rivers for wildlife and people.

Why Dam Removal?

there are many benefits to removing a dam in terms of safety, ecology, legislation and economy.

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Dams are already removed*

*based on data from Sweden, Spain, Portugal, UK, Switzerland and France

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Before and After

Dams have a huge impact on rivers, fish, people and ecosystems. But what are the effects? How does removing a dam improve the situation?

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Interactive Map with European Dams

Dam Removal Europe will develop an interactive map with all the removed dams in European Rivers. We are currently working on locating all dams, more dams will be added weekly.

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Let the rivers flow

Are you planning a dam removal? Do you want to know more about this project? Maybe you want to participate?