Selune Valley Revival! 

Dam Removal Europe, European Rivers Network and partners invites you for an amazing international seminar on 24-26 September 2019.


International Seminar on dam removal in France

Dam Removal Europe and partners invites you to the “Selune Valley revival” International Seminar on dam removal in France. This will be the fifth Dam Removal Europe International Seminar and it will take place on 24-26 of September 2019. It will happen thanks to an amazing French partnership and collaboration of European Rivers Network (ERN), the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), the National Federation for Fishing in France (FNPF) and the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA). The main organizer is ERN and you will be able to find more information (also in French) in ERN website. This seminar will be hosted near Mont-Saint-Michel and will feature the Selune Dam removal project. Many other examples from France and abroad will be the basis of inspirational exchanges and debate. The seminar will be 3 days and will take place at 3 different locations.

First day: 24 September

The first day will take place in the town of Rennes, Brittany (with international airport and direct trains from Paris). There will be presentations which will look at the scientific aspects of dam removals and will include presentations of restoration of ecological continuity projects and policy, in France, Scotland, Finland. Also, the scientific program of the Sélune project will be presented including its initial results.


08:00: Opening doors – coffee reception
09:00 : Welcome and opening conference
17:30 : end of the day and transfer by bus to Avranches

Speakers or presentation already confirmed (* = to confirm, TBD = to be defined)

  • Roberto Epple (European Rivers Network – France):  Dams removal in France: history and portrait;
  • Claire-Cécile Garnier (Ministère de l’écologie – France)Restoration of river continuity in France;
  • Pao Fernández Garrido (World Fish Migration Foundation – Espagne): Portrait of a new european movement of opening up swimways in rivers;
  • Françis Hayes (Scottish Environment Protection Agency): Water Environmental Fund for river restoration;
  • Ollikainen Hanna, Sampsa Vilhunen (South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas, WWF Finland): title to be confirmed;
  • Nina Richard (CETU Elmis Ingénieries, Université de Tours – France): Maisons-Rouges removal on the Vienne river, 20 years later: monitoring sedimentary dynamics, habitats and fauna and flora;
  • Gordon Grant (Forest Service, PNW Research Station- US): Lessons learned about the physical and aquatic response of rivers to dam removal in the USA;
  • Gilles Berrée (Direction Départementale des Territoire et de la Mer de la Manche – France): The Sélune dams removal project;
  • Stéphane Fraisse (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique): The Sélune Research Program;
  • Marie-Anne Germaine (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre): Landscapes, Inhabitants, Uses of the Valley of Sélune;
  • Alain Crave, Ophélie Fovet, Anne-Julia Rollet & Candide Lissak (Université de Caen, INRA, Université Rennes, CNRS): The hydrosedimentary flows and geomorphology of Sélune river;
  • Claudine Thenail, Audrey Alignier, Simon Dufour & Ivan Bernez  (INRA, Université Rennes): Landscapes and riparian vegetation of the Selune Valley;
  • Christophe Piscart, Pablo Rault & Jean-Marc Roussel (CNRS, INRA): Biocenoses of the Sélune, functioning and evolution.

(At the end of the day we transfer by bus from Rennes to Avranches. Book your hotel in Avranches – see recommended hotel, in practical info section)

Second Day: 25 September

The second day will take place in Avranches, Normandy. It is 85km away from Rennes (attendees will be escorted there by bus). The main themes of this second day will be restoration issues for a general interest audience and for the territory (general economy, fisheries, local population, etc). We will share  experiences from France, Finland, UK, Denmark, USA and many other countries.


08:30: Opening doors – coffee reception
09:00: Welcome and opening conference
17:30: end of the day and transfer by bus to Mont-Saint-Michel for the evening

Speakers or presentation already confirmed (* = to confirm, TBD = to be defined)

  • Gilles Traimond (Sous Prefecture d’Avranches): Welcome
  • Claude Roustan (Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France): Associative organisation for recreational fishing and river continuity;
  • Aurélie Jouée et Erick Goupil (SAGE Selune et Communauté d’agglomération du Mont Saint-Michel Normandie); title to be confirmed
  • Jean Allardi (Association Internationale de défense du saumon Atlantique)Creation of values by the return of the salmon in a free valley;
  • Samuel Jouon (Lannion-Trégor Communauté- France): Screening the movie River basin “Léguer Valley”: Reclaiming the river;
  • Joshua Royte (The Nature Conservancy, USA): Ecological and social impacts of dam removals on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers, Maine;
  • Olivier Fauriel et Stéphane Le Villain (Agence Française pour la biodiversité et Agence de l’Eau Seine Normandie, France): Restoration of ecological continuity in the Orne basin and results for Atlantic salmon;
  • Kim Birnie-Gauvin (Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark): Barrier removal and river restoration: benefitting fish, people and the economy;
  • Beth Lambert (Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, USA): The economic impacts of ecological restoration and dam removal in Massachusetts;
  • Mathieu Georgeon (Fédération du Pas de Calais pour la pêche et la protection du milieu aquatique – France): Restoration of the La Hem river basin in the Nord Pas de Calais.

(Book your hotel in Avranches – see recommended hotel, in practical info section)

Third day: 26 September

The third day will be a fieldtrip where attendees will be taken to the Selune Valley to visit the dam removal works of the Vezins Dam and meet the project participants.


08:30: Departure from the Salle Victor Hugo (bus stop in front of hotels – see practical information, shuttle tab)

14:00 and 16:30: Return to Rennes train station.

During this event you are also encouraged to participate

23 September: from 8 pm to 10:30pm at Rennes. Public conference for the International Year of the Salmon organised by Bretagne Grands Migrateurs (Location : Maison des associations in Rennes) – conference in French

24 September: at 20:00: Dinner organized for the participants of the conference (Restaurant le 13 Assiettes).

25 September at 18:00: Visit to the dam in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay including a free visit to the Mont itself.


Register here:

Rates and options according to the number of days selected. Minimum 2 days registration. For any question please contact Corinne Ronot (ERN) at Email:

These are fixed rates. Activities included: Lunch, coffee/tea breaks, according to selected days, the transfers by bus (Rennes – Avranches), shuttles to hotels and Mont St Michel, dinner on the 24th of September.

Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the participants. (See a list of hotel recommendations below)

Practical information

Conference rooms:

24th of September: “Couvent des Jacobins – Centre des Congrès de Rennes Métropole”, 20 Place Sainte-Anne, 35000 Rennes view location map, From the station, you can reach the location by subway 7-minutes or a 20-minutes’ walk.

25th of September: “Salle Victor Hugo d’Avranches”, place Carnot, 50300 Avranches view location map A shuttle will be organized between some hotels and the Victor Hugo conference venue: reference to times and stops in the “Shuttle” section. Transfer between Rennes and Avranches will be provided: see section “Shuttle”.

26th of September: Sélune fieldtrip: Bus from the Victor Hugo conference venue – hotel stops (see timetable and stops in the section “Shuttle”) – and return to the Rennes train station (via Avranches).

Traveling to Rennes

TGV train

  • Take the metro or RER in Paris to go to “Gare Montparnasse” Station.
  • Departing from “Gare Montparnasse”, the TGV train journey to Rennes is one and a quarter hours. there are 41 connections/day, a train leaves every half hour or so.

By plane

  • Rennes is 1 hour from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport.
  • Rennes airport is 20 minutes away from the city center (by bus number 57 – see bus stop map, train or by cab). Rennes airport – national flights: daily direct flights from the main French cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, Lyon). Rennes airport – international flights: many connections are available (1h30) from any number of major European cities (London, Southampton, Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome …)

By car

  • By road, Rennes is 3.5 hours from Paris via the A11 and A81.
  • Rennes, the Breton capital is also 55 minutes from Avranches and a little more than 1 hour from Mont-Saint-Michel. · Think about carpooling: ask for the list of participants (by city of departure) or propose / search a carpooling trip

Traveling to Avranches

With the conference shuttle

A special conference shuttle will be chartered to run between Rennes and Avranches on September 24th 17:30. Departure in front of the convent of the Jacobins. The return to Rennes has also been organized for the afternoon of the 26th (see tab “Shuttle conference”).

By car

  • By road, Avranches is 30 minutes from Mont Saint Michel, 55 minutes from Rennes and 1 hour from Caen.
  • Think about carpooling: ask for the list of participants (by city of departure) or propose / search a carpooling trip

By train

  • Avranches has a train station with connections to Rennes and Caen


Please, book through email or phone call and make sure you give the code “colloque DRE”, because if not they might not give you any room!

Hotels in Rennes

If you arrive on September 23rd to Rennes, the eve of the conference, you may need book accommodation in:

  • Hôtel Lanjuinais : prox station, 10 min walk from Jacobins Convent (rooms from 55 €), Telephone: (+33) 02 99 79 02 03
  • Hôtel Sevigne : prox station, 10 min walk from Jacobins Convent (rooms from 82 €), Telephone: (+33) 02 99 67 27 55

Many other offers are available online.

Hotels in Avranches

For the night of September 24th and 25th we have blocked rooms in the following hotels, available until August 1st. Please book by email or phone using the code “colloque DRE”

N.B: A shuttle will pick up and bring people to and from the following hotels: see “Shuttle” section for dates and times.

  • Hôtel Patton: located in the center of Avranches, 10 minutes’ walk from Victor Hugo venue (room between 59 and 72 €). Telephone: (+33) 02 33 48 52 52. Email:
  • · Hôtel Ibis Avranches Baie du Mont Saint Michel: located outsided Avranches, 7 min by bus from the Victor Hugo venue (room 84 €). Telephone: (+33) 02 33 89 64 89. Email:
  • Hôtel le 13 assiettes: located outside Avranches, 7 min by bus from Victor Hugo venue (room 59 €). Telephone: (+33) 02 33 89 03 03. Email:
  • Auberge de la Sélune: located outside Avranches, 10 min by bus from Victor Hugo venue(room 59 €). Telephone: (+33) 02 33 48 53 62. Email:

Other hotels (no shuttle service and booking code):


24th of September

Shuttle Rennes – Avranches: Departure 17:30 from Jacobins Convent (Rennes) >> Avranches: stop at the Auberge de la Sélune, Hotel 13 plates, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Patton

  • Shuttle hotels – Dinner on Tuesday evening(Dinner at Hotel Les 13 Assiettes): Departure 19:45 FROM Hotel Patton, 20:00 from Hotel IBIS, 20:00 from Auberge de la Sélune
  • Shuttle restaurant – hotel return
    • Departure at 21:45 from the restaurant (stops at  Hôtel Ibis, Hotel Patton)
    • Departure at 22:30 from the restaurant (stops at Hotel Ibis, Hotel Patton, Auberge de la Sélune)

25th of September

Shuttle from Hotels to Victor Hugo venue: Departures 8:15 from Auberge de la Sélune, 8:30 from Hotel Le 13 plates, 8:40 from Hotel Ibis. Be careful this shuttle does not stop at the Patton Hotel!

  • Shuttle from Victor Hugo venue to Mont Saint Michel: Departures at 18:00 from the Victor Hugo venue.
  • Shuttle from Victor Hugo venue to Hotels: Departures at 18:00 from Victor Hugo venue.
  • Shuttle from Mont Saint Michel to hotels: Departures from Mont Saint Michel at 21:45 (stops at Hôtel Les 13 Plates, Hotel IBIS, Hotel Patton, Auberge de la Sélune)

26th of September

Bus Sélune fieldtrip: Departures at 8:30 from Victor Hugo venue, 8:40 from Ibis Hotel, 8:45 from Hotel Les 13 Assiettes, 8:55 from Auberge de la Sélune. Be careful this shuttle does not pass by the Patton Hotel!

  • Shuttle La Mazure – Rennes (via Avranches)
    • Departures at 12:30 from La Mazure, 13:00 at Avranches (Victor Hugo venue), 14:00 Rennes (train station)
    • Departure 15:00 from La Mazure, 15:30 from Avranches (Victor Hugo venue), 16:30 Rennes (train station)

For any question please contact Corinne Ronot (ERN) at Email: Telephone: (+33) 0621844793

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